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2020 The Top 100 Chinese Social E-commerce Enterprise List

2020 Most Influential Brand Award for Smart E-commerce Services


Company profile

WeTrade Group INC(US:WETG), established in 2019,is the world’s first technical service provider of Cloud Intelligent System for micro-businesses. It is the first internationalized system in the global micro-business cloud intelligence field. WeTrade is also the leader, innovator and promoter of the world’s cloud intelligent system. Through big-data, social recommendation relationships, multi-channels App data statistics, etc., we independently developed a cloud intelligence system for micro-business (Known as YCloud).

WeTrade Group We provide better Cloud Intelligent solutions for future 330 million micro-business.

Service application

Industry pain points


Focus on micro businesses and private network

From massive, fast, good, save to massive, quality, save and earning

Distribution fission and revenue correlation

Product core advantages

User marketing relationship implementation

AI marketing fission

Supply chain system

Payment scenario

Yield and Group Leader Management

Livestreaming + Short Video system

Coupon System

Marketing System

Supply chain system

YCloud covers E-Commerce industry, Tourism industry, Hospitality industry, Livestreaming+short video industry, Medical Beauty industry, Traditional industry




Live streaming short video

Medical Beauty


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YCloud Personal Edition


YCloud Enterprise Edition


YCloud customized


YCloud distribution system


YCloud Yuehui alliance system

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